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January 29, 2005


rick luoni

Thanks for the link. This sounds really exciting. It reminds me of the church pre-Enlightenment. I must admit, the search for something more and mystical led me to a "catholic" expression of faith. I think God that a part of the church was not successful in throwing away the beauty that is found in a sacramental understanding fo the faith. Metaphor, sign, symbol... beauty and sacredness. It reminds me of the difference between my accounting classes in college versus my poetry and drama classes. It is nice to know how the numbers look and work, but it doesn't do much for the soul. :)


Sivin Kit

Thanks for the link ... I'll be checking it out. As one who's more "right brain" (i think) I love articles like this, and yet realistically speaking I know in recent years I had to toughen my more linear approach side because I need to relate to others who don't seem to operate in my prefered mode of thinking. But that's more of a personal perspective. :-)

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