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December 13, 2004


dave paisley

I've read four McLaren books so far (Generous, Other Side, Finding Faith and More Ready), but not either of these (New Kind and Further...) The premise of these seems a bit cheesy, but given Brian's writing I'm sure they are illuminating. Maybe I'll get them for holiday reading...


I really liked them. I understand why people might want to cut through some of the "plot" and get to the information, but it didn't really hold me back.

On my second reading, some of "A New Kind..." seems a little stilted. The one character is giving the other tons of information that could probably just be put in a chart or something. But doesn't that complaint sound a bit too modern? Just forget the narrative and give me some hand dandy propositions! ;-0

Anyway, I would definitely recommend them, especially "The Story We Find Ourselves In."

Sivin Kit

I've enjoyed both books ... the impatient side of me would have prefered charts and quick propositions (my wife would be like that) and yet, the narrative slows me down .. maybe that's what I need. :-)


Maybe it helps people to see a character struggling with these concepts. Instead of Brian just expounding on all his new ideas he depicts someone asking many of the questions we, ourselves, might ask.

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