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November 24, 2004



Amen, amen, amen. Thank you. My heart hurts. Just this morning I read on the Washington Post site that malnutrition is now far worse than under the previous regime. As we all sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and surround ourselves with the love of our families, may be we reminded of the pain that others are feeling and lament.


Thanks for that, Bill. People outside the kingdom often think of Christians as hypocrites because some tend to play the activist on Gay Rights and Abortion while ignoring things like the plight of peoples across the globe who live in squalor, without clean water, without enough food, and without enough education or resources to change their futures.

I've asserted to people that many Christians are not so much hypocritical as they are just ignorant about what to do with the grace God has bestowed upon them. And, naturally, I should add that some are not hypocritical at all. We cannot discount the role sin plays in the matter. Critics often don't understand that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. Right? Sin, in a Christian, looks to the world like God is a lie.

Maybe part of the emergent conversation should include how we can change the impression of hypocracy from the inside. Maybe homing in on hypocrisy in the church and pulling it out by the roots (ouch! is the key to erasing much of the harm the church has done over centuries. I don't see much reference to the accusers of Christ and the accusers of His disciples calling them hypocrites. I do, however, see Jesus referring to Pharisees as hypocrites. In fact, Merriam-Webster Online give pharisee as a synomyn for hypocrite.

Bless you readers and participants -- and regardless of what you think about these matters, as lamentable as they may be, I hope you all find loads of stuff to be thankful for tomorrow.

By the way: Here's a very interesting site.



Bill, thanks for the post. I begin to think that we have forgotten the people of Iraq now that the election is over. It's amazing how quickly the rhetoric has quited on the war.

Lament we must. Renew a right temperance in me, Lord.

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