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November 02, 2004



Wow, dude. I ended up writing in "None Of The Above". I respect your decision.


Wow. I don't think I can even imagine the agony you went through. Full respect to you for voting and making a decision eventhough it was so hard. I must admit I am glad I am not American and thus don't have to vote because I would find it really hard to decide between the two. So, good on ya mate.


It was tough, but then as I watched the results come in, I couldn't help really hoping that Bush would lose. Oh well. Is it too much to hope something will drastically change in his heart?


I just hope that because this is his last term in office, he has the guts to clean up his mess (esp in Iraq). And I also hope that he does things with the best interest of the people it affects in mind.


Wow. I respect your right and decision to vote. I try to vote for issues and not people. John Kerry is also against abortion, yet like many of us, struggles with issues being balck and white, and therefore doesn't attempt to legislate what we would call morality. I don't think Republicans are any more Christian than Democrats. One thing I hope for is that George Bush, who seems to claim some sense of being a Christian, will find a faith community to worship God and also one to help inform is theology. Perhaps John Kerry will take Bush to mass with him so Bush can worship God in community the same way Jesus did. Faith is something we live, not something we talk about. God bless America.

Thanks for a great post!


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