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October 13, 2004



Great point on the listening thing. He could have just left it to the fact that he could have known everything without them saying a word. He could have just said "here's what you need" and be done with people. He took the time to listen to people and not just so he had the chance to come back and say something. I think I do that too much. Nod and wait until I can unload some great theological thing on them when all they want is to talk about how their kids are driving them crazy or how their parents never let them go out on dates, etc...Sometimes people just need to unload.


Good observations.

I have been thinking along these lines as well. It has to do with the difference between the "church" of the OT, and the "church" of the NT. In the OT, the church was a national conscious that permeated every aspect of society and was centered on the physical Temple or Synagogue.

In the NT, the gospel came and it directed the "church" to go out and spread the gospel by being in the world.

Given this, why does it seem that within our modern culture it seems as though we still revere the church building much in the same way as did the Jewish people of the OT?

I asked myself a question. If a law (national or international) were passed that outlawed the church to have any form of structure, What would happen to those who consider themselves part of the NT church? How would many people react? and would they still be able to function as a Christian Theist without their building?

Let's get comfortable with getting out there and living life along side of the rest of humanity.

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