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October 30, 2004



hurray! are you in one of the swing states bill!?!? :)

i have to agree with you (heck, i've been agreeing for months) i think gwb is far too impulsive for leadership, that may make others feel 'safe' but it terrifies me.

professor tim here: http://peregrinatio.blogs.com/peregrinatio/2004/10/a_vote_for_kerr.html

writes about how many more people are dying because of this presidency than others (and he doesn't even touch on the fact that abortion rates, that had been declining for a decade are now higher).


No, I live in NJ.

I just had the fun of a phone call from the Republican party. They asked me if I thought the "liberals" were planning an unprecedented attack on the president, or something of that sort. I said I hope so. I can't stand that kind of language—the rhetoric of fear and partisanship. I really wish both parties would stop it. I feel like I'm watching a sporting event. It's just plain stupid sometimes.


First, I must admit that I have never seen this moive, but to be honest I never want to see it. I had to sit through one of Michael Moore's "documentaries,"(if you can call it that) "Roger and Me," in college and that was enough for me. I was able to see in that movie how he put is own little twist/spin on the real subject at hand. However, since the Fahrenheit 911 has come out I have been watching the media and information around it. I am actually more interested in watching FahrenHYPE 911 or Michael Moore Hates America(http://michaelmoorehatesamerica.com).

I will not get into the whole issue of the war because I don't feel its my right to do so. As long as an order is not unjust or immoral, I will follow it to the T. I will say to the best of my knowledge 98% of all military personnel would rather have Bush as Commander-in-Chief than John Kerry.


I heard something like 70% of the military voted for Bush, but then again I don't know if all the votes have even been counted yet.

I actually do think that the only way to fight a documentary like Moore's is to make another documentary. Honestly, I didn't like parts of it, which were thinly veiled attempts at conspiracy theories. That didn't change the parts that just made you sit up and think (once again, in my case) not only the horrors that occur because of war, but about whether or not this war was ever truly called for in this case.

I won't argue with people doing their duty, however, Rob. I blame the administration. Thanks for the comments.

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