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September 03, 2004


Just Me

It's true that we all take great delight (or I too often do) in proving others "wrong" but it is equally important that we "approve" what is "right," and one of the many reasons we were given Scripture is to do just that(II Tim. 3:16&17). In life (or in politics for that matter) we need to make decisions on how to act (or vote); we want to make the "right" decision. If I believe that I know what is "right," isn't it incumbent upon me to share that with you?


I agree that we need to make the right decisions, but the post was more about being all about the "protest." Not that protesting isn't sometimes needed, but it shouldn't define who we are as a church or as a political party. In the case of the Republican party, I was trying to suggest that they should take a positive stance on issues instead of a negative stance against other people's issues.

In my opinion, we as a country need to get away from the "us vs. them" mentality. I'm certainly not a political expert, but I wish we were not limited to two candidates. This only seems to encourage "us vs. them."

Getting back to the "Protestant mess," I really do think we've done a lot of damage by creating a culture "us vs. them" culture in the body of Christ. I'm learning that Fundamentalism was an effort, in part, to get beyond some of the non-fundamental details and create some unity. Of course it was also meant to be a stance against the dreaded Liberals. There's the "us vs. them" thing again. I think we all have a lot to learn from one another. And maybe, just maybe, a good bit of the damage can be undone in my lifetime.

"Incumbent" might be a strong word, by the way, but I appreciate you sharing. ;-)


I so agree with your thoughts on needing to be so heavenly minded that we are of some earthly good. It seems a rare opinion to find, but I very agree...

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