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September 04, 2004



I still think it is a good film. I'm glad that all the hype has calmed and most of the hucksters have moved on.


I bought a copy on Thursday, but I won't watch it until probably Ash Wednesday next year. And even then, I don't think I'll ever be able to sit through the scourging scene again. There's a neat pole on the passion website, "what film would you like mel gibson to do next". There are about 8 or so choices. The ones I remember, however, were David, Noah, St. Francis of Assisi, the life of Christ before the passion, and what happened after the resurrection. I voted for the life of Christ before the passion. I would love to see that.

The scenes of Christ during his ministry really moved me.

Karen H.

Still haven't seen it.


Karen, how come? Any particular reason?

Lisa, I'll have to check out that poll. We were talking with some friends yesterday and one of them joked about him doing a prequel. Honestly, though, I have to agree with you. I'd love to see a really powerful movie about the life of Christ. We tend to put all the focus on his death and resurrection, but he didn't JUST come to die as some people seem to think.


Had it! Absolutely had it with the Marketing! PUHLEASE! I saw it the day it was released after hearing on the radio: "Billy graham says its an accurate Biblical portrayal". . .(not why i saw it. . just coincidental actually. . . Oh really? Biblically accurate? Explain, the snake? explain the embodied satan, explain veronica. . explain how all these anticatholic evangelicals are so suckered? The Passion, Purpose driven life, Wild at heart, etc etc American Christians are so suckered in to the next new big thing marketed at Family Christian store. . .its pathetic! The marketing of Jesus!

By the way. .just found your blog. . .good work!!

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