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September 29, 2004


Just Me

Is that a soprano sax I hear? Wouldn't it sound better on a tenor or alto sax? Just kidding - sounds awesome. The sax adds a lot - especially at the break (bridge?) Only listened to the Gloria Patri so far, but will catch the rest soon.


hey bill - I like the jazz/monastic mix on Kyrie. WHo's the pianist? is that you?


Yes, the pianist is me. Most of the recordings is either me on keyboard or pre-recorded loops, the major exception being the sax parts.


Sounds great, Bill. Thanks for sharing.

Andre Lefebvre

Hey Bill,

I really dig your tunes! Found your site via links from Maggi's blog.

Love the groove of Gloria, the sax is quite fluid and alive, and the readings fit real well.

What loop software did you use?

I am excited to meet people who are travelling into sound textures in a very organic and spiritual way. Here's a link to some of the work I've done:


Also I'm looking for devotional instrumental for my site http://www.soaking.net. Check it out and let me know if you'd be into putting some of your tunes there..




Thanks for the encouragement, Andre. I use Sonar to record, work on loops, etc. I still have version one, but would like to update to the new version 4 one of these days.

I'll take a look at the site, but I want to finish this whole project before I do anything else.

Good to hear from someone with similar interests.

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