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August 21, 2004



good stuff bill!

i saw a commercial during the olympics (sorry, forget the product) with nadia comaneci and another little girl on the parallel bars. the little girl is talking and she says that because nadia did it there might be a chance that she could for once be perfect. yuck. what pressure on those tiny, young shoulders. who thought that this was good?

i love the idea that god never said it was perfect - what a relief! as a frustrated perfectionist i am constantly not finishing things because they aren't turning out who i'd like them to look (perfect...). so i walk away and have the shame of unfinished haunting me. it's a horrible process. this truth will help replace the lies. thanks!



I love this post. I see signs like that and want to gag. Capturing a person's soul isn't like making instant soup. Thanks for the reminder that "perfection in one hour" will never compare to the "very good" that may take a lifetime.

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