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August 16, 2004



I can unserstand some players not going because of safety issues only because that is their right not to go. Maybe the NBA sgould come up with some rule that says if you are in the league you have to at least be willing to go if asked to. Our team truly doesn't play team basketball and it shows. It's great to think we can throw together the best 12 guys in the world and win, but even then would it eventually catch up to us. What about players who aren't superstars playing? You ask 12 guys who average 15-25 points a game to share and it just doesn't happen. I would like to see them win because I am a basketball fan and from the USA. But I almost hope they lose so that we can realize that maybe we need to have a national team like everyone else.


We have now seen evidence of what happens when you throw the "individual" mentality together and try to play as a team! (we who are in the church may want to listen up...) The Lakers aren't the Lakers anymore, they are Kobe's team -The Heat aren't the Heat anymore, they are Shaq's team... etc... there is no team anymore in the NBA (USA) but there is still team ball around the world... and evidently a team will beat an individual anytime!
I say, bring back the college players!


You could still keep the pros if you did it right. Just say whoever wins the NBA finals the year of the olympics goes and represents us. They are supposed to be the best team. Let them go and show it. College players would work as well and they would have more time to prepare for it since their seasons end earlier, as does school (college athletes go to school??? When did they start this?).


I would like to see our NBA players play, but I agree with you about the team thing. I'm reminded of that 1980 USA hockey team that practiced their butts off for months and months in preparation for the games. I doubt our 2004 basketball team practiced together much at all. They were reportedly seen partying the night before, living it up. They believed their own hype.

On the flip side is this whole Phelps thing. I kept saying how sick I was of hearing about Phelps and then I cam to realize that it wasn't necessarily his fault. People put unfair expectations on him and then everybody's disappointed when he doesn't live up to them. Poor kid.


We have followed the USA swim team for quite a while as my son is a swimmer... it's not Phelps fault, you are right - in fact, this morning, a guy I work with was talking about how Phelps has failed and wasn't as good as everyone thought... I let him ramble for a while and I said, "Now, when was it that you were in the Olympics?" (not very nice of me, I know...) but this 19 year old kid has won 5 medals (2 gold, 3 bronze) which is just amazing! I want the college kids for this reason... (as well as the 80 hockey team) they WANT it... the pros don't... the pros are going to make their 80 bazillion dollars whether they win a medal or not!


good point, Pat. Eventually the college kids won't want it because they get paid (or there won't be coolege kids because they all skip to go to the pros). I feel bad for Phelps. I was watching ESPN the other night and they brought up good points. No one hears about these olympians until a few weeks before the games. The Networks need some stories to get interest up for ratings so they make great athletes seem like unbeatable or they take long shots and build them up as a Seabiscuit or Rocky type. It worked too because I have watched sports i don't watch just to see what happpens. I am happy Team USA won thei game yesterday and they played well. They just are missing some people they need and that's not their fault. Whoever put it together is "all about the money".


Thanks for all of the discussion, guys. It just upset me that our pros didn't care enough to be a part of the world community. Your point about safety was a good one, Kevin, although I don't know of any other athletes who passed up on the opportunity to comete in the Olympics because of that issue.

I find this to be symptomatic of a greater American problem. We think everything we do is golden and we scoff at what other people do. We tend to speak only one language unlike most of the rest of the world, etc. etc.


i think that puerto rico played with dignity and beat up the suposely greater team U.S , hahahaha bull shit i think tey are just all a big ball of pussies. than you, good bye

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