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June 10, 2004



Hey, then I'm a loser too! Hang in there, Bill. We losers need each other!


I'm sure this is not the type of comment that would exactly spur creative thinking, or sounds intellectual...HOWEVER....the picture of you on your "loser" entry totally rules. GO BILL THE LOSER!


I'm glad to know I have some redeeming qualities. Thanks, Damon!


If that makes you a LOSER, then you are one of my favorite losers.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I am right there withya!



Hey, maybe we go to the same church... !?!?
I just went through the "deacon process" and was "rejected" (loser) for many of the reasons you gave...
From one loser to another... rawk on!


why is it such a fight to get anything done? I have a hard time understanding. Maybe it is Satan...maybe we should just go tell him to sit on a tack.

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