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November 02, 2005



welcome to the club dude. you will be a happy man.


Wow, a Mac eh... what's it like over on the dark side :-)

How cool is a new laptop though!


Welcome to the club. (-;


Welcome to the addiction, the water is warm. I might add, as someone who derives their living in part from recording, that you really need to get your Mac in on that gig. :)


I'm not necessarily against it, Chad, but all the software I have is for PC. I use Sonar, which is comparable to the other major recording packages. Besides, from what I can see, you can still get a lot more computing power for your money with a PC.

Having said all that, I would switch if I end up in a situation where I need to. I plan to work at breaking into the film/TV/media composing industry and because a lot of that work is recorded independently by the composer, I don't necessarily see that happening.

I would definitely welcome other opinions on the matter, though!

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