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November 19, 2004



Man, you gotta give me some tie to read the others! :) (No, really, this is good -- really good!)


(I meant "time," by the way.)


I apologize for tying up your comments! :) But, you may find a bit of interest in what I have written on the subject of postmodernity...

- http://www.sense-datum.org/tim/archives/2004/01/01/10.40.36/index.html


Anytime, man. The comments department is a little on the slim side. I could use anything I can get.

I appreciated your post on the word "postmodern." I can't agree with people who say the word is "becoming so 15 minutes ago." I think a lot of people still have no clue what it even means.

To me, it's important for your average Christian to be informed that not everyone is approaching what is being called postmodern in the same way. I appreciated what Brian wrote because I believe we can approach some of those same tenets that all postmoderns talk about, but NOT succumb to total relativism, etc.

But what you say is true. I don't think Brian can simply create his own definition for what he wants postmodernism to become. That will not make it so. Perhaps it would be descriptive enough for people to talk about emerging thought and then relate that in some way to postmodernism.


Yeah, I think the "relating" part is key... I think that's an aspect of Emergent as well: Finding ways to do church in a postmodern world (i.e., we are here, so we'd better relate). It doesn't mean "become part of," or, "redefine," it means, "relate." Cool. :)

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